Who Am I?

My name is Jameel Mukadam and I am a Junior Software Developer with a strong passion for everything IT. Designing Software and Websites are my 2 main passions. I continuously seek opportunities which grow my skills and challenge me to do my best work. I love learning and working with new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas for User Interfaces which makes it easier and more enjoyable for users to work with the system, website, etc. I also enjoy Full systems design from gathering requirements from clients, to Database design to systems design and finally the UI design to give the client the best “Client Experience” using the system/website etc.

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  • CSS 70%
  • HTML 75%
  • JavaScript 55%
  • jQuery 50%
  • XML 70%


Progress 4GL




I have basic knowledge of C#, Visual Basic, Delphi and C++. I learn new languages fairly quickly so this list will grow..


Creative Software

I am familiar, and love experimenting, with Adobe PhotoShop and After Effects.


Systems Design

I  Enjoy planning and designing complete systems from Database Design to Systems design to UX design.

Work Experience

Junior Software Developer

MIP Holdings

July 2014 – Current

  • I was placed in the ILS (Integrated lending Systems) team within MIP Holdings. We create systems for companies that offer lending services (micro loans etc.). From capturing details, to capturing loan information, to interacting with payment processors like PaySoft and credit checks with Trans Union. Our systems are comprehensive.
  • My duties involved:
    • creating reports for clients
    • enhancing features of the system
    • Improving the way the user(client) interacts with our system
    • Redesigning the UI for specific customers
  • I have excelled at my work and have moved up fairly quickly, My Current duties include:
    • Working with my developer manager and developing new systems for new clients from scratch i.e. from Database design to systems analysis and design to programming and implementation of the new system in live environments.
    • General Debugging of issues if and when they arise
    • Deployment of patches to Live environments
    • I also do Front end development and really enjoy it. I am now free to add my own ideas (once approved by developer manager) to how the front end should look and feel to better the user experience. I make use of CSS and JavaScript and jQuery a lot and integrate it with our Progress system back-end.

Software Developer Internship

MIP Holdings

April 2014 - June 2014(3 months)

  • I went through general training on the Progress 4GL ABL Language and received a certificate on completion of the course.
  • Went through further training on MIP’s own custom framework, WarpSpeed.
  • As a final project to showcase what we’ve learned in the internship, the class had to program a DVD Store Application using Progress and MIP’s framework. I played a very big role in designing and developing this application and was one of the top developers in the team. From Database design to Systems Analysis and Design to Implementing the system, I successfully played a big role in every step of the process. MIP’s framework is based on Service Oriented Architecture and I have successfully learned how it works and how to implement it according to MIP standards. On completion of the internship I received a certificate.

Tech Support Consultant

iStore Centurion

June 2012 - December 2012(7 Months)

  •  Provide general technical support for all customers on all our Apple products, iOS and Mac OSX devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, MacBook Air etc.)
  • Data Migration from windows to Mac OSX, Backup & Restore of iOS and Mac OSX devices such as iPhones, iPads and MacBooks etc.
  •  General Demonstrations of how Apple products work (Mac OSX, iPhones, iPads, etc.) and why you should be using them